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Grilled avocado with some energizing multicolored salad {sponsored}

Have you ever tried grilled avocado? When grilled the fruits get a different taste and mixed with the grilled flavor they are really delicious! A perfectly light dinner on a hot summer day! With a roasted hazelnut topping it tastes wonderful. It’s a great idea to combine the same ingredient, like hazelnut, with more than just one component in your meal. Here, the hazelnut has been used as a salad topping as well. This way you can enjoy some nice harmony served on your plate. Barbecued potato wedges with some Merquén spices are the perfect side dish. Recipe inspiration Grilled avocado:avocadoes, olive oil, sea salt, roasted hazelnuts Potato wedges:potatoes, olive oil, Merquén spices, sea salt Multicolored salad: grated carrots, grated beet root, sliced red radish, raspberries, different sprouts, micro greens, roasted hazelnuts, leaf lettuce Salad dressing:grilled spring onions, roasted sesame oil, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, Contamiento (sweet Italian vinegar) Put the peeled avocado halves on the grill, add some olive oil and roast the fruit on a medium heat for some minutes. On …

raw red beet radish soup, first course

Raw Red Beet Radish Soup

Slow food is nowadays a very important topic. You can buy at any season almost everything and with globalization there is also a lot of international food available. It’s not in general a bad thing, but it’s important you think about what you buy at what season of the year. So we got together and made a special slow food blog parade with a six course meal. Each one posts a course and at the end of the week you have the whole menu spread on six different blogs. Nice, isn’t it? After the delicious aperitif on the fascinating Blog from Rebecca It’s now my turn with the first course: a super healthy and super delicious raw red beet radish soup. It’s very easy and simple made. Did you know that the radish tops are eatable? Yes, they are. And they are super healthy. So I always use all of the radish or other vegetables tops. Finely copped you can use them like herbs e.g. for salads or dressings or use them for your green smoothie. …

Hummus Beet root, cilantro, egg plant, peas mint

More than just Hummus

The oriental delicacy hummus has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my holidays in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vienna and some more. A lot of good time and beautiful memories. And because it’s so easy and quick to prepare, hummus can’t be missing in my meal plan. And there are so many different kinds of hummus in all different colors. It looks so good on the table if you serve different ones. My four Favorites: (1) Beet Root Hummus (2) Cilantro Hummus (3) Peas Hummus (4) Eggplant Hummus         INGREDIENTS: (1) Beet Root Hummus: Chickpeas cooked, beetroot baked, water, sea salt, cumin, garlic, tahina, lemon juice (2) Cilantro Hummus: Chickpeas cooked, cilantro, water, sea salt, cumin, garlic, tahina, lemon juice (3) Peas Hummus: Chickpeas cooked, peas defrosted, peppermint, water, sea salt, cumin, garlic, tahina, lemon juice   (4) Eggplant Hummus: Chickpeas cooked, eggplant baked, water, sea salt, cumin, garlic, tahina, lemon juice

zucchini blossom salad

Zucchini Blossom Salad

Zucchini blossoms are not just beautiful they are super savory and there are multiple ways to prepare them. This time I went for a simple one: in the oven with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt. But for a rich and healthy salad you need more than just zucchini blossoms. I love to combine some warm veggies withe raw one. So beside the zucchini blossoms I baked as well the beetroot and the radishes and putted a poached egg on top of the salad. INGREDIENTS: Avocado, zucchini blossoms baked with olive oil and sea salt, beetroot backed, radish backed, poached egg, radish sprouts, raw kale, lollo salad, spring onion, lemon olive oil, cider vinegar, sea salt.