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Hey there,
Food and cooking are my passions. I love to cook by heart and just focus on the taste and smell of the menu. Cooking is like dancing: you just need to be passionated and feel its rhythm. It is about harmony and interaction between the ingredients. It’s pure creativity and a lot of good taste!

Feel the food and smell when it is ready. Then the smell and your feeling are the most reliable indications for good cooking.

You don’t need to learn to cook, you don’t need instructions nor recipes. You just want some inspiration. Then you are just right here. I abstain from recipes  or any preparation instructions. You know best what’s tasty for you, if you like it spicy or not, if you want more veggies or more liquid in your soup. So I give you the inspiration of ingredients combination and menu itself. You would prepare it in your way anyway 🙂

On the Food Boogie Blog it is all about the pictures of the presented menu. After a short introduction is a list with all the ingredients.

The one and only secret of preparing fantastically delicious food is to use high quality ingredients. Cooking is so easy and so much fun! And enjoying the tasty food in the end is even better!

So dance your own food boogie with this new inspiration from my blog and feel free to comment and contact me!

love, Daniela




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