Daniela Bohli Health Coach

Hey there!

I’m Daniela, a passionate cook and food lover, aspiring health coach and food photographer. Mostly I cook intuitively and create my meal right right on the spot. Not being tied to a recipe makes so much more fun!

After I struggled for several years with digestion and histamine intolerance, I’ve got a new relationship to food. Food does fuel our body and might bring it back into balance. It is so important how your food is grown and that our food is grown! It’s crazy how many aliments you can buy today, which are artificial or with some artificial components.

It’s so important to me to take care of my body physically, mentally and overall. So I started the health coach training program to even go deeper into this theme and to help others, who struggles as well with their digestive system to become the best version of themselves!

With love, Daniela

PS: If you have any question, don’t hesitate to reach out by sending me a mail at daniela@danielabohli.ch





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