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A colorful cabbage burger {sponsored}

I love burgers, however, I don’t need that much bread. So I started to prepare my burger with cabbage instead of using bread. And they’re even tastier, I swear! Serve your burger with some sweet potato wedges from the BBQ and you’re all set.

You can fill your burger with all the things you love! Preparing burgers with guests can also be fun: Just put a variety of fillings on the table so everybody can create the burger they want! And you will have less preparation work to do 🙂

If you‘re a vegetarian, try this cabbage burger with some grilled tofu or anything else you love. It tastes good with almost everything. So just make it yours with all your favorite ingredients. Post the picture of your cabbage burger, using the hashtag #grillmoments.

cabbage burger

cabbage burger

Recipe Inspiration

Burger fillings: onions sliced into rings, tomatoes, coriander, flat parsley, sour cream and purple cabbage leaves as a bread substitute, some micro greens

Hint: Soak the onion rings in some lemon juice mixed with salt so they’re easier to digest and taste better as well. This way they will also get a nice pink color.

Burgers:beef minced meat, some salt and pepper

Hint: buy the meat at your local butcher store and seek advice. It’s better when the minced meat has a bit a rougher cut, about 6 mm instead of the regular 4 mm. So the burger stays juicy and wont dry out during roasting. And go for a greasier piece of meat, like the shoulder. As the fat drops out during roasting, the burger gets a kind of fluffy.

Sweet potato wedges or slices:sweet potatoes, olive oil, sea salt

As sweet potatoes take more time on the BBQ than burgers, prepare them first and put them on the grill right away.


cabbage burger


cabbage burger,

Delicious burgers on my Weber Q2200 gas barbecue

Heat your gas BBQ up to a maximum and place the burgers on the grill. The time before turning them depends on the thickness of your burgers, but the interval should be about 5 minutes. They’re all ready to turn when there’s some liquid on top. Roast the other side for another 2 minutes.

Be careful not to break up your burger as you turn it. The best tool used for turning is a compact angled spatula such as the high quality BBQ spatula from Weber Grill. By the way, Weber Grill has some nice accessories. It’s really worthy checking them out!

cabbage burger,

This post is in sponsored by Weber Stephen Switzerland @lifeofgrill.

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