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Tarte Flambée from the Grill {sponsored}

{Cooperation with Weber-Stephen Switzerland} It’s BBQ season! But instead of just roasting some meat or veggies, it’s also pretty cool and super yummy to put a pizza or a tarte flambée on your grill.

All you need is a pizza stone and you’re ready! I was so pleased when I got the fantastic Pizza Stone & Tray from Weber Grill. I’m now so excited to “bake“ on my grill as well! Have you ever done this before? It’s so cool!

And here’s how I did it! You’ll see some pictures with the preparation steps below. I love my tarte flambée with an egg on it. But it’s even perfect without. Just make sure your grill stands on an even surface! The egg may run faster as you can watch… I really know what I’m talking about… 🙂


Tarte flambée recipe

Roll out the tarte flambée dough and place it on top of the Weber Grill Tray.

Flammkuchen Weber Grill, Tarte flambée, recipe

Top your tarte flambée dough with some sour cream, onions, bacon and season it with some sea salt.

Tarte flambée dough (2 x 26 cm):
220g spelt flour
10g yeast
1/2 tablespoon of sea salt
100ml warm water
25g olive oil

Mix the first three ingredients and then add the liquids. Knead well until you have an elastic dough. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes until it has doubled in size.

Topping: sour cream, spring onions, bacon, sea salt, fresh herbs like parsley and coriander, egg

Tarte flambée on the Pizza Stone from Weber Grill. With the tray and pizza stone it’s a perfect system in preparation, grilling and even cleaning! The tray makes transportation of the tarte to and from the grill super easy.

Put the pizza stone on the grill and heat up the grill up to a maximum level (at least 250° C). Then place the tarte flambée on the stone. Put the egg on top of the tarte. You may also add the egg after some minutes if you prefer the yolk to stay liquid. Then add the herb topping after baking so the tart will look and taste even better.

The tarte frambée from the grill with this pizza stone is so crosty and super delicious! You never get it as crosty and tasty in the oven.

tarte flambée, recipe, Weber Grill, grill, pizza stone

When the tarte flambée is ready, place the tray between the tarte and the pizza stone for an easy and safe transportation of the hot tarte.

tarte flambée, recipe, Weber Grill, grill, pizza stonetarte flambée, recipe, Weber Grill, grill, pizza stone

You don’t have a pizza stone yet? Check out Weber Grill and their Pizza Stone & Tray. They have a lot of pretty cool barbecue accessories like a Deluxe Grilling Basket, iGrill Bluetooth thermometer, Griddle or a Waffle and Sandwich Tool. And don’t forget to check out the Weber Grill Instagram stream @lifeofgrill.

This post is in sponsored by Weber Stephen Switzerland.




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