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Sous-vide goes Grill {sponsored}

- purée all together

Beef doesn’t only consist of filet. In fact, filet is just one small part of the whole beef! It’s so important to eat other parts as well. Meat shouldn’t be wasted and the killed beef should be treated with respect and gratitude. So go and buy other parts than just the luxury parts of a beef. 

This time I went for the shoulder roast. It tastes perfect and it’s even much more economic than the luxury parts. And here’s a trick to make all kinds of meat tender: sous-vide! When you sous-vide meat before putting it on the grill, the meat, including the cheaper sorts, becomes super tender and gets the perfect grilled flavor!

But what exactly is sous-vide? Sous-vide is a cooking method known in gastronomy. The meat boils in a vacuum bag at a low temperature for some hours. This process is like ”aging“ the meat, similar to the dry aging method. Thus it gets very tender! And this cooking method is absolutely bullet-proof. However, you need a sous-vide cooker for it. This is an electronic stick you put into your cooking pot to keep a constant temperature for several hours.



sous-vide shoulder roast beef, grill Weber Grill, recipe

Vacuum-pack the meat after adding some olive oil and lemon thyme

sous-vide shoulder roast beef, grill Weber Grill, recipe

And here’s how I prepared this super delicious shoulder roast beef:

Beef: about 1 kg of shoulder roast, some olive oil, lemon thyme to flavor the beef during sous-vide. Sous-vide for 48 hours, grilled on my Weber Q2200 barbecue 2 min. each side – so plan your meal some days in advance!

Salad: green salad, herbs like parsley and coriander, raspberries, olive oil, apple cider, sea salt

Flavored butter: {herbs} butter, sea salt, parsley, lemon thyme, coriander – purée all ingredients
{lemon} butter, sea salt, lemon zest, lemon juice – purée all ingredients

sous-vide shoulder roast beef, grill Weber Grill, recipe

After cooking sous-vide put the beef on my Weber Q2200 gas barbecue – the perfect barbecue for a city appartament balcony!

Fire up your grill with maximum heat. After cooking sous-vide roast each side of the beef on the grill for 2 minutes.

sous-vide shoulder roast beef, grill Weber Grill, recipesous-vide shoulder roast beef, grill Weber Grill, recipe

It has the perfect grilled flavor and is super delicious – and it’s so easy to prepare! Just give it a try and share your picture of your barbecue beef on Instagram tagging Weber Grill @lifeofgrill and with the hashtag #grillmoments.

- purée all together

The Weber Q 2200 gas barbecue I’m using is super easy to handle, heats up pretty fast and so simple to clean. Weber also offers a lot of cool BBQ accessories in their assortment.

This post is in sponsored by Weber Stephen Switzerland.



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