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Cuajada – Spanish Dessert

cuajada spanish dessert curd

Last year we traveled around in Spain during three weeks. I was an amazing road trip with lots of new impressions and new food. By chance we found a small sheep cheese farm with a small store. We bought some cheese and a so called Cuajada. And I fall for it with the first bite! Cuajada is actually just cheese curd – something I thought is quite gross. But it really isn’t.

roadtrip spain

It looks and taste similar to panda cotta, but with half as much fat. You don’t put it on a plate like panda cotta, you just eat it out of the glass with some honey or whatever you like.

cuajada spanish dessert curd

And the best: it’s so easy and simple to make: warm some sheep’s milk up to 37 °C (98,6 °F), put the needed amount rennet in it and blend with a spoon gently just for some seconds. Don’t move the milk to much! Put the milk in small glasses and wait for 10 minutes. But don’t move the glass at all, I really mean it. You may destroy the whole dessert by just shaking a little bit the milk. After the 10 minutes it’s already thickened and flan-ish. But it in the fridge for at least two hours – done!

cuajada spanish dessert curd

You can actually use every kind of milk you like. But sheep’s milk is my favorite. Goat’s milk is not my thing and cow milk tastes to watery.

Instead of honey, you can use whatever you want. Like berry sauce, cinnamon, date syrup, etc. or you could even flavoure the milk with vanilla or cinnamon.

INGREDIENTS: sheep’s milk, rennet, honey

roadtrip spaincuajada spanish dessert curdroadtrip spaincuajada spanish dessert curdroadtrip spaincuajada spanish dessert curd

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