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Almond Milk

homemade almond milk


homemade almond milk


Almond milk is quite a hype now a days but it is nothing new. Already in Middle Ages people loved cook with or drink almond milk. It is a plant based alternativ to cow milk. It tastes pretty good but what is all about this milk?

homemade almond milk


Almond milk is actually just made out of water and almond oil. The best almond milk is the homemade. I did not find one milk that tastes as good as homemade one and the most almond milks contains stabilizers or other thing you do not really want to consume. So how to make almond milk by yourself?

homemade almond milk

INGREDIENTS: peeled and soaked almonds, water.

Soak some peeled almond in cold water over night or longer. Then rinse the soaked almonds and process them with some cold water in the food processor until it get’s a creamy homogen liquid. Put a sieve over a bowl and cover it with a thin cotton towel. Now put the creamy liquid on the towel filter and drain all the liquid out of it. And there you are: freshly homemade almond milk. It’s a quite viscous milk right night. But this way, it needs less space in the fridge. I pour some more water in it before I use the milk.

homemade almond milk

I love almond milk as a snack in the afternoon flavored with some date syrup, vanilla and sea salt. Or I turn it into a ice cold golden milk with some cardamom, curcuma, vanilla, date syrup, sea salt. 

And don’t throw away the unused almond paste. Dry it in the oven at 80 C, move it from time to time and you get almond flour.

homemade almond milk

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