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Raw Red Beet Radish Soup

raw red beet radish soup, first course

Slow food is nowadays a very important topic. You can buy at any season almost everything and with globalization there is also a lot of international food available. It’s not in general a bad thing, but it’s important you think about what you buy at what season of the year. So we got together and made a special slow food blog parade with a six course meal. Each one posts a course and at the end of the week you have the whole menu spread on six different blogs. Nice, isn’t it?

After the delicious aperitif on the fascinating Blog from Rebecca It’s now my turn with the first course: a super healthy and super delicious raw red beet radish soup. It’s very easy and simple made.

raw red beet radish soup, first courseDid you know that the radish tops are eatable? Yes, they are. And they are super healthy. So I always use all of the radish or other vegetables tops. Finely copped you can use them like herbs e.g. for salads or dressings or use them for your green smoothie.

raw red beet radish soup, first course

INGREDIENTS: raw red beet, radish, radish tops, spring onions, bouillon powder, plain yoghurt, flat leaf parsley, sea salt

raw red beet radish soup, first course

You like to have all six courses? So head over to Cucina d’Amore the beautiful Blog from Andrea. She serves you the second course tomorrow at

On Thursday you get the main course from Anja with the amazing blog Schönes+Leben

On Koch Yoga Claudia serves you a vegetarian main course on Friday. So don’t miss!

Last but not least Birgit better known online as Emma Bee treat you with a delicious dessert. So don’t forget to head over to at Saturday.

Have fun and enjoy the incredible menu!


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