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Homemade Mozzarella

homemade mozzarella

Have you ever made cheese by yourself? It’s actually easier as it seems to be and the result is so worthy, I promise. Homemade cheese just taste some much better and you know there are just good ingredients used.

Some months ago I started with cream cheese – a very easy one! I never going to buy cream cheese again. There is to much stabilizer and stuff inside the cream cheese from the super market. Then I tried ricotta, quit easy as well and so good. And then I found this great mozzarella recipe on Food52. I just had to give it a try. Mozzarella takes lot more time than the other cheeses before, but from time to time a going to make mozzarella by myself instead of buying some. And I can really recommend you to give it a try!

And another plus: you get not just great mozzarella you get as well a lot of super healthy and tasty whey! Perfect as an ice cold refreshment or for smoothies.

homemade mozzarella

INGREDIENTS: rennet enzyme drops or tablet, citric acid, cold filtered water (to mix with the citric acid), whole milk or raw milk, sea salt and passion for cheese 

homemade Mozzarella

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